Rift is a surreal adventure game that explores the boundaries of space, time and the imagination. The player takes the role of a young boy who awakes to find the fabric of reality collapsing outside his bedroom. The boy enters a surreal world known as the Rift-Wild where our reality collides with worlds from parallel dimensions in a fluctuating cataclysm of torn space-time.

The original Rift prototype was developed in a SCAD Studio class of 8 students (with help from friends) in under 10 weeks using the Unreal Development Kit. As the lead designer my responsibility was to guide all aspects of the creation of this project, and worked with a very talented group of artists to produce it.


Character by Leng Lor

A young boy is awoken by a terrible sound in the middle of the night. He is about to reach for his stuffed bunny Captain Cuddlesworth when a small hole opens up in space-time and the bunny disappears. Once his curiosity overtakes his fear, the boy grabs a flashlight and leaves his bedroom to find reality beginning to collapse around him.


Character by Ben Soderstrom

Simultaneously, in another dimension of space-time, a brilliant scientist tests a hair-brained theory. He enters equations into a control panel and a large device begins to charge. One cataclysmic tear in reality later, the two attempt to work together to fix the device and repair reality.


Our scientist had discovered a dimension of pure energy known as the Aether. A device was constructed to transmit energy across dimensions as a source of unlimited power. Such large amounts of energy traveling across dimensions caused the fabric of space-time to distort and tear, resulting in a rift in the fabric of reality.