Horror from the Other Perspective


Nightmare puts the player in the role of a monster living under a kid’s bed. The player must scare humans to gain power which he can use to evolve his monster and customize its look and abilities. Depending on the abilities a player chooses for their monster, gameplay can range from stealth tactics to fast paced combat and challenges have multiple solutions to accommodate many different ability types.


In the single player game, the player will meet interesting and creepy characters, and the ones he chooses to befriend or betray affect the progression of the story. The first character the player encounters is Spider Bear, a monstrous spider which has made a home in the hollowed out body of a teddy bear and lives in the attic. It is the player’s guide through the beginning of the game, and may even accompany the player later on in the game. Other monsters the player may meet include the Chupacabra, nordic trolls and the godfather of all monsters, the Boogeyman.


The multiplayer game is similar to hide and seek, with one person playing a monster trying to find and capture the 3 or 4 other human players. The humans must hide from the monster while completing tasks necessary to escape the area. Each round a new player takes the monster role and can use their customized monster character from the single player game.

Spider Bear


Eerie Sound

The user produces an eerie sound that alarms anyone within ear shot. The user can choose from several sounds, but they all have the same effect.

Alluring Whisper

The user projects an alluring whisper into the head of a subject that will cause them to wander towards him. This ability does not scare the subject, but can be useful in removing a subject from a large group.

Wall Climb

This allows the character to climb on walls and ceilings, either in a spider-like fashion, or “upright,” walking horizontally across the wall.