These are a few examples of Actionscript 3 games I’ve done as class projects. They all could use some polish and shine before I would consider them complete, but this gives you an idea of what I can achieve in Flash.

This interactive scene was an exercise in buttons and animation. Find the objects that you can interact with. Use the objects in the right order and cook up something special.

This assignment involved creating a game using only triangles, circles and squares created with Actionscript’s graphics API. The goal of Shatter is to break the descending triangles into small enough pieces that they can be collected for energy. The spacebar will launch a push beam, allowing you to juggle triangles you have not broken down. If a larger triangle hits the bottom the player will lose energy. Energy is depicted by the width of the arms of the player’s square.

This game was built on a very limited platform engine that I fixed and extended with features like parallax background scrolling, NPC character interaction, and cutscenes.